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Let it Go! Detox your Body the Easy Way

Let it Go! Detox your Body the Easy Way


Author: Virginia Pipolini

Whats the easiest way to detoxify the body and improve your wellness? Removing toxins from the body is possible through something as simple as a foot spa treatment.

A foot spa treatment is relaxing and easy to use, taking only about 30 minutes. This is more than just a little Epsom Salts in a bucket of water. A quality spa system gives you ionic action that helps draw toxins through your skin, much as we release salts water and toxins through our sweat.

You would think that a foot spa would only affect your feet. While many of us would be happy to reduce our foot pain or odor, the use of a foot spa goes a lot deeper. Foot spa treatments give you a full body detox, helping to release the toxins that cause immune system overload and symptoms such as brain fog.

How can a foot spa treatment help the whole body system? There are energy meridian points throughout the entire body that connect to our organs and processes. The existence of this energy system has been known and used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Your feet contain connections to all of these points, and by clearing toxins we can support this body electrical flow.

We can also release heavy metals from our body through a foot spa treatment. Toxins can be absorbed into our skin or inhaled. This is why we use protective gear such as gloves and masks when working with toxins. We can release toxins through our porous skin as well.

By clearing toxins from our body, as well as parasites, fungi and bacteria, we improve our overall health. Our energy level increases, and our sleep improves. Mood can be altered by ill health, and many report that their mood lifts after their foot spa treatment.

When dealing with injuries you can speed up the healing process by continuing to use your foot spa treatments. Any assistance we give the body to release the waste products and toxins will help us during healing.

For those who are under medical care for any condition or ailment you should talk with your care provider before starting foot spa treatments or any other detox process. You do have the right to good health, and using your foot spa is an easy way to promote a healthy body and a better outlook on life.

Virginia Pipolini brings life to simple healthy methods through holistic practices. Learn more about foot spa treatments and the benefits of detoxification at

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