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How the Ionic Foot Spa Improves Your Health and Vitality Part 2

Here are more ways an Ionic Foot Spa Improves your Health and Vitality. A healthy body radiates that health, with more energy, better mood, and a clearer mind. How does this affect your day-to-day life? Releasing toxins and waste from your system gives you a greater chance for wellness.

  • Increased Oxygen in Body – Oxygen is a powerful detoxification element. When we release the toxicity in our body our circulation can improve, bringing more oxygen to the cells.
  • Decreased Pain – Pain is the biggest deterrent to movement and exercise. We need movement to assist our circulatory system and support our physical and mental function. Using ionic foot spa’s as a part of your toxin cleansing program can aid in releasing the chemicals and waste products held in the body that cause pain. Some have reported a decrease in physical pain after even just one treatment with the ionic foot spa. Results will vary, of course, based on your current condition.
  • Improved Sleep Patterns – Toxins in the body can interfere with our sleep through insomnia, restless sleep patterns, pain, restless leg syndrome, and other sleep deprivation problems. Many find that by releasing the toxins from their system their sleep problems lessen or completely disappear without intervention such as sleep aids or drugs.
  • Headache Relief – Some headaches are related to toxins in our system or lack of proper nutrition. Toxicity takes energy and nutrition that normally would be used for healthful energetic living.
Increased Energy – By removing toxins, viruses, fungi, and parasites from our body we will naturally increase our energy. By increasing our energy we can more easily find the motivation to improve our exercise program, thereby giving us even better circulation, and boosting our immune systems natural ability to release and remove toxins and waste matter from our system.

    It is advised that you talk with your health maintenance advisor before starting any home health products or programs. Some conditions may require medical assistance or even immediate treatment. Read the instructions, and follow the directions for use and maintenance. Drink an appropriate quantity of clean water along with your detox program to help flush toxins from your system. This posting is for informational purposes, please see TOS page for disclaimer.

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