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Dealing with Sweaty Feet and Foot Odor the Ionic Way

I recently talked to a friend, a wonderful 40 year old woman who’s inner beauty shines through in everything she does in life. She told me of a visit she made to a beautiful expensive home with her clients. She wanted to make a good impression.


On entering the home she quickly discovered that this home was a no-shoe zone, meaning that everyone was supposed to take their shoes off at the door. She was embarrassed, for she had a problem, like so many people, with sweaty feet and foot odor.

Our skin is porous, and our lymphatic system uses our skin to release moisture and toxins. Certain areas of the body are stronger outlets, such as our armpits. Many people also experience the release of water from their feet, aka sweaty feet. When there is odor associated with this release it is a good indication that there are toxins in the system and an unhealthy state. Your body will use whatever means are available to maintain itself. Sweaty feet and foot odor are a sign that should be acknowledged.

An ionic foot bath can help your body to release far more of the toxins and waste products than merely sweating it out. The ionic action accelerates this process by means of the electrical potentials involved in the process. A saline water solution is used as a conduit for this mild electrical charge. The effect is quickly seen as the toxins are released into the water, bubbling out from our pores.

Many have reported feeling more energetic, mentally clearer, and generally healthier after even one ionic foot back. As you release the toxins from your body and restore greater health you may discover that your foot odor and sweaty feet are no longer an issue.

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