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How the Ionic Foot Spa Improves Your Cleansing Program

Using an Ionic Foot Spa can help you to improve your cleansing program. Many of us love a good foot bath, finding the warm water soothing to the spirit. An Ionic Foot Spa treatment goes deeper, pulling toxins into the water, aiding your body in releasing the waste products that cause a breakdown in our wellness. How could an Ionic Foot Spa affect your health and improve your cleansing program? Here are some possible ways:

  • Boosts the Immune System By removing toxins from the body, we can improve the effectiveness of our immune system. When we remove the toxins and waste products from our system our immune system no longer needs to work as hard to perform its ongoing job in supporting your health and vitality. Your energy can increase, brain fog can disappear, and challenging moods can brighten.
  • Aids in your Full Body Detoxification Gravity works for us naturally! Our feet are connected to all parts of our bodies through the energy meridian system, known and treated in Chinese Medicine by doctors and acupuncturists. This energy meridian system has been proven to exist by modern testing through measurement of the electrical impulse generated by our energy meridian system. Using the Ionic Foot Spa to cleanse toxins and waste products from the feet can help support the natural electrical impulses of the energy meridian system.
  • Heavy Metals Removal We consume heavy metals all the time, through processed water, aluminum cookware, household and garden chemicals, and pesticides on our foods. Amalgam fillings contain mercury, one of the most harmful chemicals in existence. Those heavy metals do not flush naturally from our system. The Ionic foot spa helps to draw these toxins from our system.
  • Faster Injury and Disease Recovery Time Removing toxins from our body can increase our circulation, bringing vital nutrition, oxygen to injuries or diseased areas of the body. Improved circulation also means improvement to cellular waste removal, naturally aiding in the recovery process.

It is advised that you talk with your health maintenance advisor before starting any home health products or programs. Some conditions may require medical assistance or even immediate treatment. Read the instructions, and follow the directions for use and maintenance. Drink an appropriate quantity of clean water along with your detox program to help flush toxins from your system. This posting is for informational purposes, please see TOS page for disclaimer.

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