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What is an ionic foot bath?

An ionic foot bath is a detoxification and cleansing system. By using ionic attraction in a saline water solution, you can relax while toxins are released quickly and easily from the bottom of your feet.


Your feet contain energy meridian points for each of the meridian systems in the body. Using an ionic foot bath, which charges the water with negative ions, you will stimulate and energize all those energy meridians, giving you a holistic, healthy way to a healthier body.

This simple hydrotherapy detox draws the toxins and waste into the water, helping you rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Many report feeling clearer, more energetic, rested, and happier after their ionic spa treatment.

Saline water has been used throughout history for health and wellness. Hot springs have become therapeutic in their use, and many of us know the rejuvenation felt by a walk along the ocean, feeling the cool salt water on our feet. These natural encounters are so powerful because of the ionic charge held by the water.

Ionic foot baths help us cleanse the pores and release toxic waste from the lymphatic system. It can improve circulation as well. Many have reported relief of chronic pain and other symptoms. Others report feeling more relaxed, helping them release the stresses of daily life.

Lots of people are claiming to sleep better after a detox foot spa treatment. My friend Russell said his neuropathy of the feet has improve after a few treatments.

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