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Ionic Foot Bath – And the Colorful Results!

Each person will have a different experience using an ionic foot bath. Why? Because we are all unique, through our diets, exposure to chemicals, genetic strengths and weaknesses, and stress levels.


When you use an ionic foot bath the first thing you will notice is the rapid changes in the water. The water begins to change color, flecks are noticed, and bubbles form. Does the color of the water mean anything? Yes!

Here’s a rundown of the color of the water, or particle content, and what that content could possibly indicate:

  • Black water usually means a detoxification of the liver. Black flecks indicate heavy metals, which can come from dental fillings, drinking tap water, even the piping of your house!
  • Brown water can also indicate detoxifying of the liver. If you are a smoker, or are exposed to cigarette smoke, you will likely have brown water.
  • When the water is dark green you are likely pulling toxins from the gallbladder.
  • Orange can indicate release of toxins and waste from joints. Athritis sufferers may find relief from the aches and pains they have experienced.
  • Red flecks in the water indicate the clearing of the blood or circulatory system.
  • What about white particles? Cheesy looking particles indicate yeast. Many have a yeast overrun in the body known as candida.
  • White foam is a detoxification of the lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is the largest organ in the body, and includes your skin.
  • Yellow or yellowish green color is related to waste removal (kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract) or reproductive (ovary/uterus or prostate).

The water tells no lies! People practiced in ionic spa therapy can often tell you, based on your habits, the color that will be produced by your foot bath session, before your feet even touch the water!

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