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Creating a Holistic Detox Plan

Many people are seeking easy and effective tools to aid them in their personal health improvement plan. By creating a holistic detox plan, you can improve your life on many levels. Here are a few ideas for a complete holistic detox plan:

  • Using the Ionic Foot Spa is an easy tool you can use to assist your body in removal of toxins and waste products.
    The cleansing cycle takes only 30 minutes for each use, and you can easily use it while enjoying a TV show or reading a book. The condition of the water after your session can be compared to color charts to determine what your system is releasing into the water.
  • There are many natural detoxification products available that you can consume to support and assist your body’s natural healing process. Eating Whole Foods gives you nutrients and fiber needed for optimal health. Supplementing your diet with herbs can also boost your immune system and aid in your cleansing process. Drinking clean water is always advised, avoiding sodas and sugary liquids. There are also many products that use oxidant power to eliminate positively charged, harmful substances from the body, giving our immune system the support it needs in healing itself. Miracle Mineral Solution, known as MMS, is simple to use and is very cost effective. It can be successfully used to conquer parasites, fungi, harmful bacteria, and disease within the body.
  • Make your Detoxification and Health Boosting Program even more powerful through thought and intent to heal! Reiki Healing can aid in energy flow and renewal of the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Many of our physical ailments are entwined with negative or weakening thoughts and powerful emotional energies. Reiki healing is easy to learn, and can be used both in your own personal healing and for assisting others.

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